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How much does each party cost?
The cost of each party depends on your location as well as the duration of your event.
It only takes one minute for me to provide a quote so feel free to
give me a call for a quick answer - 07734 405 313.

How do I pay?
Each booking requires a £20 deposit. The balance of your party is
then due no later than the day of your party.

What Time Can My Party Be?
The choice is yours! As long as I have the availability, your party
can be at any time throughout the day.

How many children can attend?
As many as you like! There is no limit or additional costs per child.
However, if you intend to invite more than 50 children, please let me know so
that I can provide additional prizes etc (at no extra cost).

Will the adults be asked to get involved?
No! Under no circumstances will I ask adults to join in (unless they want to of course)
The party will contain entertainment focused only on children and will include
NO adult content/jokes.

What age group will the show be suitable for?
My entertainment is suitable for 3-7 year old girls or boys.

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